Commercial Cleaning

StreamWash would like to work with you cleaning your properties in removing all the GREEN and BLACK that can build up over time. We do more than just High Pressure Washing, we use the SOFT WASH approach to remove these stains with our chemical mix and low pressure causing no damage to the walls or paint. 

Building wash



We are a liability free company. We have the professional equipment to soft wash up to 4 stories high from ground level. No ladders or lifts needed on most jobs. Saving our customers from unnecessary expenses. 

Parking lot cleaning & striping


Surface Cleaning Parking Lot


Parking Lot Cleaned and Striped

Training events


Houston Pressure Washing Event 2019


We attend Annual Training Conferences. The United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners known as the UAMCC. By attending these events, it insures that Streamwash Pressure Washing stays up to date and educated on our industry for the betterment of our current, and or future customers. Which also works along side the government to ensure environmental and federal regulations are enforced within our trade.